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The Rio Games kick-off this week, and, to try to end the scatter for the possibly damaging and sexually sent Zika trojan, Pornhub is providing
complimentary pornography to Olympics attendees
. Undoubtedly, we see an increase of tourists every single number town while in the Olympic Games, therefore normally Rio has to be worried about the
Zika Virus
. The mosquito-borne, sexually transmitted virus might associated with creating microcephaly in infants whoever mothers contracted the disease while pregnant.

And then we understand the Olympic Games tend to be a spot in which
many celebratory sex
) happens among the sports athletes once the anxiety and force of competing within their particular event have actually passed; thus, absolutely naturally an ever growing concern that the Olympics may trigger a major international Zika outbreak, with attendees getting the herpes virus in your area and distributing it whenever they return residence. The
CDC has recently advised women that are pregnant to not ever go to Brazil
, and NBC’s
Savannah Guthrie features particularly opted from the woman normal anchoring
gig with this 12 months’s Games because she’s pregnant.

Performing the component to stop the scatter of Zika: Pornhub. The cost-free porno provider has actually often stepped-up to sponsor various philanthropic efforts — like
college scholarship resources
conserving the whales
— to inject hardly any humanitarianism into the typically seedy labels of these best gay porn tubes” internet sites.

For Rio Olympics, they will be supplying free advanced streaming solutions for the whole town of Rio de Janiero, such as Olympic sports athletes and attendees, in an effort to discourage individuals from making love.
Pornhub’s statement about “OOOLYMPICS” initiative states

The authorities are promoting abstinence in order to overcome Zika. That is not simple on the planet’s hottest urban area. So, in order to make it easier to abstain from attraction, our company is providing complimentary Pornhub superior memberships to anybody who is in Rio throughout games. This way, even if you’ll have to dedicate yourself to just specific activities these Olympics, you are going to still feel just like a champion.

And, in “heart from the games,” Pornhub enable website visitors in Rio to choose the nation they are “representing” to participate for signups. The web site also provides useful safer gender ideas to stop the scatter of Zika, should Pornhub visitors still elect to take part in partnered sex. Pornhub downline might be on a lawn inside the Olympic Village, passing out “Zika protection packages consisting of insect jet, cells, and lubricant together with real Pornhub superior gift notes,” in addition to
Olympics on their own usually provide sports athletes lots of condoms